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Traffic between Sweden, Denmark cut off because of kidnapping

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The Oresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark was closed on Friday for several hours because police were looking for a car related to a kidnapping drama, the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet reported on Friday.

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The police have not yet confirmed what the incident was about.

Both bridges leading away from Denmark's main island were closed for several hours. Also, the train and ferry traffic between Sweden and Denmark was cut off in both directions.

Police were looking for a stolen Swedish rental car with three persons who are involved in serious crimes, the Swedish Television SVT reported.

"The car was stolen from Malmo airport on 1st of August," police press secretary Anna Goransson said according to SVT.

During the operation all cars traveling from Denmark to Sweden were checked.

The big police operation lasted for about 2 hours. Copenhagen's airport and flight were not affected by the operation.

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