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Trump: Space is war-fighting domain, we need army up there

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U.S. President Donald Trump said his new national security strategy recognizes that space is a theater of war, and he floated the idea of creating a Space Force, a branch of the military that would operate outside of earth's atmosphere.

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"Space is a war-fighting domain, just like the land, air, and sea," Trump told a an audience of service members at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.

"We may even have a Space Force, develop another one, Space Force. We have the Air Force, we'll have the Space Force."

Trump described how he'd originally coined the term as a joke, while discussing U.S. government spending and private investment in space. "I said, 'maybe we need a new force, we'll call it the Space Force,' and I was not really serious. Then I said, 'what a great idea,' maybe we'll have to do that," he said.

"So think of that, Space Force," CNBC cited the president as saying.

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