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Turkey building 21 towers along borders

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After the construction of a 688-kilometer wall between Turkey and Syria and a 144-kilometer wall on the Iranian border was initiated, the construction of watchtowers with a height of 15 meters and a diameter of 7 meters was also given the green light.

The high security surveillance towers, dubbed “kulekol,” are to be placed at certain intervals between the border walls, and a military team of 10 will reside there.

In order to intervene in emergencies, passenger routes are also built at 10-kilometer intervals along the security line.

Within the scope of anti-terrorism measures, the high security project at the border has entered its second phase.

The security wall was woven on the border of Syria, which is predominantly a straight line.

Approximately 250 kilometers of the border wall were initially constructed by governors, but TOKİ, Turkey’s public housing body, has since taken over the project and completed the remaining section of the wall.

TOKİ started the construction of the 144-kilometer border wall on the Iranian side after finishing the 688 kilometer wall on the Syrian border. There are currently watchtowers with a height of 15 meters and a diameter of 7 meters being built along this wall.

The project aims to prevent illegal crossings and terrorist infiltration from Syria and make the border more secure. A total of 21 watchtowers will be built on the border line in Gaziantep and Kilis.

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