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Turkish cargo ship in danger near Croatian island

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A Turkish cargo ship is in dangerous situations in the Adriatic Sea near Croatian island Jabuka because of a leaking problem.

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At around 4 a.m. Sunday, the crew of the ship Haksa reported sea water going into the underwater freight vessel. The cargo ship is 85 meters long, with 13 crew members - eleven Turkish and two Indian.

Croatian and Italian rescue forces are coordinating rescue works.

Since Italian tanker "Valcadore" was sailing about four nautical miles from the incident, it was sent to the rescue mission and helped evacuating the crew.

According to HINA, most of the crew have been evacuated except the captain and four crew members who decided to stay on the ship as long as possible.

No pollution has been detected at the scene of the incident, but since magnesium sinter, propellant fuel and lubricants are on board, all protocols to prevent possible pollution have been initiated.

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