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Two Boeing planes lost parts over U.S., Netherlands

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Debris from a commercial jet rained down on Broomfield, Co. Saturday after the airliner experienced an engine failure mid-flight and turned back to Denver International Airport, making an emergency landing.

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The plane, a Boeing 777-200 wide-body airliner that was bound for Honolulu, Hawaii, experienced a right engine failure that resulted in large parts falling and loud booms heard by people on the ground in north suburban Denver, authorities said.

A large ring from the engine of the United Airlines-operated plane landed in a front yard, and what appeared to be shards of the engine’s outer shell dropped into Broomfield County Commons Park, where soccer teams were practicing.

No injuries were reported, but the shock played out both aboard the plane, which carried more than 240 passengers and crew, and on the ground, more than 25 miles northwest of the airport.

Two people were injured yesterday when engine parts from a Boeing 747 operated by Bermudian-based Longtail Aviation fell off and crashed into a Dutch town.

The incident happened after one of the 747’s four engines caught fire just after take-off from Maastricht Aachen Airport and pieces of the turbine blades broke off, an airport spokesman told Dutch broadcaster NOL.

NOL said that pieces of metal from the plane landed on the town of Meerssen.

Two people were injured – an elderly woman was treated in hospital for a head injury and a child was burnt after picking up a piece of the debris.

Cars and homes were also damaged.

But NOL said the full extent of the damage had still to be assessed.

The aircraft flew on three engines and later landed at the Liège airport in Belgium.

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