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Two missiles downed Ukrainian plane near Tehran

Christian Fernsby |
Two missiles were fired at the Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737 that was shot down on 8 January by the Iranian armed forces, according to a preliminary investigation report by the Iranian Civil Aviation Organisation (CAO).

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"Investigators... discovered that two Tor-M1 missiles... were fired at the aircraft," report said, adding an investigation was ongoing to assess the bearing their impact had on the accident.

On Sunday, the head of Iran's civil aviation investigative authority, Hassan Rezaeifar, said that Iran was independently decoding the flight data recorders from the downed Ukrainian plane and that Tehran has not yet decided whether the black boxes would be sent abroad.

Ukraine International Airlines’ Kiev-bound Boeing 737-800 crashed on 8 January, soon after departing from Iran’s Imam Khomeini Airport.

Citizens of Iran, Canada, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom were among the 176 passengers and crew who perished.

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