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UK: Amber heatwave warning issued for this week

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An amber heatwave alert has been issued by the Met Office, warning people to stay out of the sun between today and Friday as temperatures peak 30C.

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Forecasters are advising people to avoid lengthy periods of sun exposure as at least four days of temperatures in the 30Cs are expected in parts of the UK this week.

An amber weather warning for hot weather has come into effect and will remain in place until 9am on Friday.

The "heat health watch warning", which covers parts of England, urges people to keep away from the sun between 11am and 3pm during that period.

The Met Office is telling people to "stay out of the sun" and keep their homes cool by shutting windows during the day.

The hottest temperature of the year so far, 33C in Porthmadog, Wales on June 28, is tipped to be smashed in the coming days.

Some forecasters think temperatures could reach highs in the mid-30Cs in southern England, putting the hottest summer temperatures ever under threat.

The amber, or level three, warning is issued when temperatures are predicted to hit 30C during the day, and 15C at night, for at least two consecutive days, the Met Office spokeswoman said.

There is a 90% possibility of heatwave conditions between 9am today and 9am Friday in parts of England, mainly in the south and east, she added.

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