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UK people succumb to EU pressure: Half of Brits for new referendum if talks with EU fail

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Half of the British people support the holding of a second referendum on withdrawal from the European Union (EU) if negotiations with the bloc fail.

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According to a study by the YouGov firm, 50 percent of citizens in this country believe that if the conservative administration does not reach an agreement, the population should decide whether they want to continue with the separation process or cancel it.

Out of a sample of 10,121 people, only 25 percent advocated for giving the final word to parliament and the rest said they did not know what steps should be taken.

On the other hand, more than 4,600 (46 percent) responded that, if the consultation on the issue were held today, they would vote to remain in the community alliance, while 4,80 (40 percent) would support divorce.

In addition, 74 percent think the negotiations led by Prime Minister Theresa May are not going well and more than 60 percent feel that no agreement will be reached in favor of the United Kingdom.

As part of the investigation, analysts have asked citizens to choose one of three options: to continue as an EU member, to leave the bloc without agreement or to support May's plans.

Forty percent supported the first, 27 percent preferred a no-pact solution and only 11 supported her actions.

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