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Ukraine exposes counterfeiting of Pfizer vaccine

Christian Fernsby |
The SBU exposed an international criminal group that sold a counterfeit COVID-19 vaccine.

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The offenders advertised their services and claimed that they could supply Pfizer vaccine.

SBU officers established that the group included Ukrainians, Russians, Nigerian and Sierra Leone natives. Knowing that Pfizer has officially started deliveries of vaccine to Ukraine, the offenders decided to make money. On the Internet, they advertised the companies, registered in Ukraine, which allegedly could supply Pfizer vaccine.

The offenders provided potential buyers with fake letters of guarantee of Ukrainian banks. To receive money, there were indicated current accounts of Ukrainian citizens. The cost of a fake vaccine was USD 250.

SBU operatives found that the offenders worked primarily on clients from Russia and India. Law enforcement documented receiving of prepayments for thousands of dollars.

In late April, the SBU jointly with the Ukrainian Ministry of Healthcare and Kyiv City Prosecutor's Office exposed the offenders and blocked the illegal sale of counterfeit Pfizer vaccines to other countries.

According to the policy of Pfizer Products Inc., COVID-19 vaccines are provided exclusively under contracts concluded between the companies of the Pfizer group and the state.

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