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UN Security Council: 20 million people facing famine

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The United Nations (UN) Security Council expressed concern about the risk of famine that are facing at least 20 million people in Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan and the Nigerian northeastern region.

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In a statement by the Security Council presidency, occupied by Egypt this month, the 15-member authority warned that the armed conflicts in those countries have had devastating humanitarian consequences.

Violence is related to food shortage, the increasing vulnerability of women and children and the difficulties to have an efficient humanitarian response, the statement read.

According to the Council, the text recognizes the efforts by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to tackle the phenomenon.

In late February, Guterres urgently requested financial resources to deal with the lack of food that is affecting millions of human beings in the aforementioned countries, including 1,400,000 children.

In its statement, the Security Council requested that the secretary-general kept it informed about the situation in those countries and the humanitarian response.

He also demanded to have a report ready by October, about the hindrances that affect the actions to counteract famine.

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