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U.S. diplomat kills motorcyclist, Pakistan restricts travel for U.S. diplomats

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Pakistan imposed travel restrictions Friday on U.S. diplomats in a response that could strain relations between the two nations.

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Under the new restrictions, U.S. diplomats are restricted from movements in the country and will no longer receive special treatment at airports.

The diplomats will also be unable to use tinted glass on their vehicles or use diplomatic registration plates on private vehicles.

Before renting property, the diplomats also must obtain a "no-objection certificate" from Pakistan's Interior Ministry.

The move is a response to U.S. President Donald Trump's administration imposing restrictions on Pakistani diplomats in the United States.

Under the U.S. restrictions, Pakistani diplomats are banned from moving further than 25 miles away from the cities in which they are posted. They will also be forced to seek permission from the State Department five days in advance if they plan to visit another city.

Diplomatic tensions between the United States and Pakistan heightened last month when authorities say U.S. diplomat Joseph Emmanuel Hall ran a red light in Islamabad, killing a motorcyclist and injuring a passenger.

A court in Islamabad ruled Friday Hall didn't have the right to absolute immunity and ordered the government to put his name on its Exit Control List within two weeks. Persons on the list are prohibited from leaving Pakistan.

In January, Trump, in his first tweet of the year, criticized how the United States has "foolishly" given military aid to Pakistan despite "save haven" to terrorists.

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