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U.S. gives Philippines 1,000 gas masks

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The United States delivered 1,000 gas masks to the Philippine Navy (PN), said the U.S. Embassy in Manila.

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It explained that, the Joint United States Military Assistance Group delivered 1,000 M40 field protective masks and C2 filter canisters to the Philippine Navy.

The embassy said the transfer was made through the Mutual Logistics Support Agreement and is part of the ongoing transfers of select munitions and equipment from the US military to multiple branches of the Philippine military.

“As the fighting continues in Mindanao, the PN requested these gas masks in order to better prepare their sailors and marines to respond to chemical threats,” the statement said.

Despite President Rodrigo Duterte’s hostile stance towards U.S., the donation came to show Washington’s commitment to its closest, long-time ally in Southeast Asia.

“The United States is proud to work closely with the Republic of the Philippines and will continue to support capacity-building counterterrorism efforts and the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ long-term modernization goals.”

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