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U.S. prefers base in central Poland, Warsaw in east of country

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Washington prefers to locate a possible permanent U.S. troop presence in central Poland, while Warsaw wants a base in the east of the country, a spokesman for the Polish president said on Friday.

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"The American administration would prefer the centre of the country as far as I know (...); we would prefer the eastern part of the country," said the spokesman, Błażej Spychalski.

Amid fears of Russia, its giant neighbour to the east, Poland has been pressing for a permanent U.S. troop presence on its territory.

Spychalski said: "There is a debate, there are talks… and I think that shortly there will probably be real decisions.”

He added that Warsaw wants to spend about $2 billion to build infrastructure for American soldiers in Poland.

"I do not know why voices have appeared... that we will pay the Americans” for a presence in Poland, he said.

"We are talking about comprehensive infrastructure, for instance housing, educational facilities, medical facilities, in other words comprehensive infrastructure for troops.”

Polish officials have suggested naming a new base Fort Trump, after the US president.

Senior Polish parliamentarian Adam Bielan said earlier this month that a decision on a possible permanent US troop presence in Poland was likely

o be made next year.

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