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Venezuelan attorney general Luisa Ortega flees country in movie style

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Venezuela's former top prosecutor Luisa Ortega arrived in Colombia on Friday after taking a dramatic boat journey from Venezuela.

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Univision reported that Ortega fled in a speedboat to Aruba, where she caught a private plane to Bogota.Migration authorities in Bogota confirmed her arrival.

It comes after she was fired by a controversial new legislative superbody and said she feared for her life.

The assembly fired Ortega during its first session on August 5, but she and some governments in the region have refused to accept the body's decisions.

"This afternoon the attorney general of Venezuela Luisa Ortega Diaz arrived from Aruba in a private plane to Bogota's airport and completed the corresponding migration process," Colombia's migration agency said in a statement.

She was accompanied by her husband, the legislator German Ferrer, the statement added. It was not clear whether the couple were seeking asylum in Colombia.

Ortega told Reuters in an interview this month that she feared the government would "deprive me of my life."

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