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Venezuelan ex-minister of Electric Power captured in Spain

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Venezuelan ex-minister of Electric Power Nervis Villalobos was captured last Thursday in Spain on charges of corruption, involving also state-run oil company Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA).

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The Civil Guard, who preferred not to be mentioned by name, told The Associated Press that a task force expert in money laundering arrested Villalobos in Madrid, under a bench warrant from the U.S. Office of the General Prosecutor.

The Spanish police agent added that other detainees include Luis Carlos de León, a former officer of the Venezuelan electric power utility and a former executive officer of Pdvsa Procurement Division.

Villalobos may be the first senior officer detained as part of an ample investigation carried by the US government into corruption inside the Venezuelan state-run oil company, resulting thus far in 10 businesspersons who have pled guilty.

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