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Venezuelan opposition leaders arrested, U.S. says everything possible

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Venezuelan security forces arrested Leopoldo López and Antonio Ledezma, key opposition leaders placed on house arrest during early Tuesday raids, their wives said.

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López's wife Lilian Tintori and Ledezma's wife Mitzy both confirmed the arrests on Twitter, also sharing videos of the incidents.

The Bolivarian National Intelligence Service, or SEBIN, spy agency carried out the arrests. Tintori said she would blame Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro if anything were to happen to her husband after his arrest at 12:27 a.m. Tuesday.

All options remain on the table for U.S. sanctions on Venezuela, including oil, though industry reports were mixed on the potential impact.

Crude oil prices edged higher late last week and into Monday on expectations that the U.S. government would respond to weekend elections in Venezuela with sanctions on its oil sector, a cornerstone of its economy.

The election was seen as a move by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to silence his critics and the U.S. State Department said after the vote "it would "take strong and swift actions against the architects of authoritarianism in Venezuela."

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