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Venice floods: Lagoon city under water again

Christian Fernsby |
The high tide in Venice has peaked at 154cm while around 70% of the city centre was under water.

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The famous St Mark's Square was blocked off and closed to tourists as it was covered in knee-high water, while shops and hotels were once more submerged.

Mayor Luigi Brugnaro said he had been forced to ask police to block off the square, calling Venice the "pride of all of Italy".

Earlier, authorities predicted the high tide would peak at 160cm (5.2ft) far beyond the emergency levels that set off sirens in the streets.

In normal conditions, levels of 80-90cm are generally seen as high but manageable.

The waters also reached 149cm (4.8ft) in Burano and 146cm (4.7ft) in Chioggia.

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