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Venice to keep big ships out of lagoon

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Italy's Transport Ministry is working on a solution to the problem of large cruise ships in Venice, the city's mayor has said, with the latest proposal a relocation of the biggest boats.

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The ministry is reportedly planning to move the largest cruise ships to the port of Marghera, a port city on the mainland opposite Venice, which was developed in the early 20th century in order to accommodate large, modern ships without a negative impact on Venice's tourism and heritage.

Venetian mayor Luigi Brugnaro made the announcement at a Veneto Chamber of Commerce conference at the weekend. The Local reports.

"I can announce that before the summer the government will announce the solution to the problem of big ships," Brugnaro was quoted by local paper La Nuova Venezia as saying.

He added that Transport Minister Graziano Delrio would make the final announcement within the next few months, just as cruise ship traffic increases with the arrival of the summer.

The proposal would see two new moorings built in Marghera in 2019, which would be used by ships weighing over 100,000 tonnes.

Within two years, the mayor said, 40 percent of the current cruise traffic should have moved to the Marghera, while the Port of Venice would be reserved for smaller ships, below 40,000 tonnes.

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