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Vessels separated after collision off Corsica

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Tunisian roll-on/roll-off ferry Ulysse has separated from the Cyprus flagged containership CSL Virginia on Thursday following a collision earlier this week in the Mediterranean Sea.

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CSL Virginia was at anchor approximately 17 miles off the island of Corsica when it was struck broadside by cargo and passenger ferry Ulysse early Sunday morning.

The ferry's bow penetrated the hull of the containership, causing the two vessels to become stuck together and resulting in a major oil spill.

No deaths or injuries were reported, and measures to clean up the spill are being undertaken by France, Monaco and Italy. French authorities said there are pockets of thick fuel surrounded by areas of iridescence in the area.

The Ulysse broke free Thursday night and is en route to a Tunisian port after being cleared to sail under its own power Friday morning.

The Virginia remains at anchor with a boom around its large starboard breach as responders continue oil recovery efforts. French authorities said it is the shipowner's responsibility to arrange for the vessel to be towed to a shipyard.

An investigation into the cause of the incident is underway.

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