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Vietnam to fine bad-mouthed social network users

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Under Vietnam's draft regulation, those who slander or blacken reputation of organizations or individuals online will be fined up to $2,200, the country's Authority of Broadcasting and Electronic Information said on Friday.

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Under the new decree drafted by the ministry, net citizens who provide untrue information; slander or smear the good repute of organizations or honor and dignity of individuals; or fake electronic information pages of other individuals or organizations will be fined to the tune of 30-50 million Vietnamese dong ($1,300-$2,200).

Fines of 20-30 million Vietnamese dong ($885-$1,300) will be imposed on social network users who reveal secrets of other individuals or organizations without their consent; describe obscene acts, human killing or accidents in every detail; or disseminate superstition or information that is deemed inappropriate to Vietnam's fine customs and traditions.

Those who use personal information and images of other people to create social network accounts for themselves will be fined 10-20 million Vietnamese dong ($442-$885).

According to the Authority of Broadcasting and Electronic Information under the Ministry of Information and Communications, draft regulations are necessary because social media is developing drastically, and information on social networks is having increasingly bigger effects.

By the end of February this year, Vietnam had nearly 50 million Internet users, or over 53 percent of its total population, according to the ministry's Authority of Information Security.

The country plans to increase the rate of Internet users among its population to 80-90 percent in the next few years.

As of late February 2016, Vietnam had 35 million Facebook users, or one-third of the country's population, Facebook announced last year.

Facebook is the dominant social network in Vietnam; few local people use other social networks.

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