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Welcome to Hell: Protests greet G20 leaders in Hamburg

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Police in Hamburg, Germany, used water cannons on protesters who said they were provoked into violence on the sidelines of the G20 summit of world leaders Friday.

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Demonstrations across the city on Thursday turned to violence, and dozens of police officers were reported injured. Friday's protests were smaller and more dispersed, but equally disruptive, The New York Times reported.

Police said demonstrators threw paving stones and bottles at them. Officers responded with pepper spray and jets of water, though protesters said they were provoked into conflict by police wearing riot gear.

Among the more than 100 officers injured, at least five required hospitalization, including a helicopter pilot who said he was blinded by a laser.

Protest organizers said some of the estimated 12,000 demonstrators were also injured but a casualty count was not available.

Police said they arrested at least 29 people amid the protests, though did not specify charges.

Police advised travelers to avoid the area near Hamburg's major rail station where they said people had set cars afire and Molotov cocktails were thrown on Thursday.

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