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Where's logic? U.S. superintendents says future is and isn't bright

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Something very strange happened to logic. A huge majorty of superintendents see bright future for their local future but when they sum it up - they see no bright future for the whole educational system.

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K-12 students returning to class this fall are being welcomed back by leaders who are optimistic about the future of their school district.

Eighty-five percent of U.S. public school district superintendents agree or strongly agree that they are excited about their district's future.

These attitudes are largely unchanged from 2015, when 86% responded positively to the same question.

These results are based on interviews with more than 2,300 public school district superintendents in the U.S., conducted June 15-July 9 as part of Gallup's 2017 Survey of K-12 School District Superintendents.

While school leaders are largely positive about their local situation, this optimism is much harder to find in their opinions of the overall K-12 public education system.

About one in three superintendents agree or strongly agree that they are excited about the future of U.S. public education, down sharply from 44% just two years ago.

The percentage who either disagree or strongly disagree is up from 24% to 38%, with those most negative about the future of the nation's public school system increasing from 6% to 15%.

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