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Wuhan coronavirus: Romania suspends Italy flights until March 23

Christian Fernsby |
All flights between Romania and Italy are suspended between March 9 and March 23 because of the coronavirus outbreak, interior affairs minister Marcel Vela announced.

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“The suspension of all flights to and from Italy on all airports in the country is approved beginning March 9, 12:00 until March 23, 12:00,” Vela said.

Romanian citizens arriving from Italy, China, Iran, and South Korea at terrestrial border points will be allowed into the country only under the compulsory measure of

eing quarantined. Those returning to the country will be asked to sign a declaration that they do not come from a quarantined area and risk sanctions if proven otherwise.

Air carriers are compelled to not allow the boarding of citizens others than Romanians coming to Romania, with a layover, from Italy, China, Iran and South Korea, the Interior Affairs Ministry (MAI) said.

Foreign citizens arriving from Italy,China, Iran and South Korea, regardless of the means of transportation used, will be allowed into Romania only if they enter quarantine or isolation.

Freight transports of up to 3.5 tons and maritime transports are the exceptions.

Minister Vela issued an appeal to Romanians returning to the country to accurately declare where they are coming from.

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