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Yellow Vest protester seriously injured during clashes in Paris

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A French man was injured during violent clashes in Paris on Saturday, as the Yellow Vest protests continued for a 13th consecutive weekend.

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The protester had his hand partially blown off by a teargas grenade during violent clashes between riot police and the demonstrators near the parliament building in the French capital.

Some 51,400 people joined the Saturday’s demonstrations across the country, 4,000 of them in Paris, according to French government figures.

Security forces arrested at least 53 protesters from the different parts of the country.

Since Nov. 17, thousands of protesters wearing bright yellow vests - dubbed the Yellow Vests - have gathered in major French cities, including Paris, to protest President Emmanuel Macron's controversial fuel tax hikes and deteriorating economic situation.

Demonstrators held protests blocking roads as well as entrances and exits to gas stations and factories across the country.

Under pressure, Macron announced a rise in the minimum wage and scuttled the tax hikes.

Since then, however, the protests have grown into a broader movement aimed at tackling income inequality and are calling for giving citizens a stronger voice in government decision-making.

At least 10 people have died, around 6,000 others have been detained and over 2,000 others have been injured in the protests.

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