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1 in 4 Brits quitting due to lack of business transparency

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Britain’s workforce is experiencing an information blackout at work, causing one in four (26%) employees to head for the door, according to new research by Geckoboard.

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The research found that four in five (80%) employees want their bosses to share more information with them concerning the business, with less than one in ten (9%) employees being aware of company progress in real-time.

This lack of transparency appears to be building a culture of mistrust, with four in five (79%) again saying that they did not trust their bosses who failed to share company data.

More than a quarter (28%) of employees also believed the dearth of company information provided stemmed from their bosses playing power games. This level of suspicion is creating a vicious circle, with half (52%) of employees resorting to their own detective work to discover what’s really going on in their company.

With half (50%) of British staff saying that company information had a significant impact on how they contributed to the overall performance of the organisation they worked for, data transparency clearly has a great link to productivity and efficiency.

In fact, more than nine in ten (93%) said they would rather hear bad company news than be left in the dark.

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