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2/3 of Bulgarians do not want to pay with card, but by phone

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Bulgarian cardholders are very interested in the possibility to pay via their mobile phone, according to the Mastercard MasterIndex 2017.

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According to the survey, two-thirds of the active cardholders in Bulgaria want to pay with their smartphone at a store by bringing the mobile device to a contactless terminal as well as online via a mobile application.

The biggest interest in the option (over 70%) is shown by users in the age groups 18-24 and 25-34.

At present, users in Bulgaria use their mobile phone mainly for calls (93%), access to social networks (53%), surfing the Internet (36%), chatting (29%), working and accessing e-mail (27%) and photos (25%).

If they were able to use their payment card through their mobile phone, consumers would use the service mainly for shopping in a supermarket (42%), paying bills (38%), and buying clothes and shoes (26%).

Every fifth of those interested in such a service would pay bills in restaurants, cafes and bars, and every sixth would use it to buy a ticket for transport.