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30% of internet-capable TVs are not connected

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According to research, about three in 10 internet-capable TVs are not actually connected to the internet, putting OTT and other services out of reach.

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The NPD Group reported that as of Q2 2015, 46 million US households had a connected TV. But just 69% of those television sets were hooked up to the internet.

That figure has risen significantly since 2013, when fewer than half of all internet-capable TV sets were also internet-connected. But it still leaves millions of connected TV sets being used exclusively for plain-vanilla traditional TV viewing—and thus unreachable by digital video ads.

Research from the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and BrightLine found that 71% of client-side marketers were funding connected-TV or OTT video ads from traditional TV budgets.

Still, there’s little danger old-fashioned commercials will disappear as TV spend is sucked into ads to support digital video content served to living-room sets.

According to the ANA and BrightLine, nearly half of the advertisers they surveyed had moved less than 1% of TV budgets to OTT video.