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300,000 UK-domiciled internet .eu domains will be axed

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Some 300,000 UK-registered internet domain names ending in .eu will become non-renewable, or may even be summarily cancelled, after Brexit.

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The European Commission has warned that people and organisations that are domiciled in the UK will no longer be able to make use of .eu names after Brexit, or possibly after a transition period.

This is because names ending in .eu are only available to EU-domiciled people, firms or organisations.

Any that are so domiciled may use .eu domains, though they are especially favoured by those wishing to stress the pan-European or cross-border nature of their business or organisation.

According to online tech magazine The Register, around 317,000 .eu names are currently UK-registered.

The Commission says that from the date of withdrawal, or the end of the transition if so agreed, new UK-based .eu domains will not be able to be registered and those registered will cease to be renewable.

The body responsible for the .eu domains will furthermore be entitled to revoke the names, if it wishes, with no chance for appeal.

Any UK residents whose website relies on a .eu name would therefore be best-advised to look to move to an alternative before Brexit, or at the latest before the end of the transition period (expected to be December 31, 2020).

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