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323% rise in number of body worn camera bids from 2014 to 2015

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BidPrime's data reveals the dramatic increase in the number of government bids and requests for proposals in 2015.

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The body worn camera industry will continue to flourish in 2016.
BidPrime, an Austin-based company which provides real-time notification of new government bids and contract opportunities, has released an update to their original report on public sector purchases of body-worn cameras.

While the original analysis revealed that government bids and requests for proposals (RFPs) doubled year over year, from 2012 to 2014, there was an impressive increase in activity in 2015.

Jim Ward, BidPrime’s vice president of business development, noted, "As my research team and I accurately predicted back in January of 2015, there was a substantial rise in the number of requests. Of course, this surge was a result of improved technology, along with a greater understanding within communities, governments, and law enforcement on the necessity for this technology."

"Based on the investigation, analysis and projections we’ve done, I foresee that the body worn camera industry will continue to flourish in 2016."

Year over year increases:
2012: 33 government bids
2013: 61 government bids
2014: 86 government bids
2015: 278 government bids, 323% growth since 2014.

States with the most government bids issued for body-worn cameras in 2015: 1) Texas (36)
2) California (34)
3) Louisiana (17)
4) Ohio (17)
5) Virginia (14)

Federal and military agencies are also involved in purchasing and implementing body worn camera technology. In order of highest number of bids submitted: Department of Army, Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Air Force, Department of Justice, and Defense Information Systems Agency.

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