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4G auction grosses $2.3 billion

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Brazil's National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) has grossed R$ 5.85 billion by auctioning four fourth-generation internet batches with nationwide coverage. Two regional-coverage batches were met with no bids.

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The three leading mobile network operators in Brazil acquired three batches for offering 4G services in national territory. Claro purchased the first batch for R$ 1.947 billion ($798.7 million), i.e. with a 1% premium on the minimum bid set by the federal government.

The second batch was bought by TIM, also at a 1% premium for R$ 1.947 billion. The third batch was purchased by Vivo, which paid the minimum amount set in the call for bids: R$ 1.927 billion ($790.5 million).

Batch five, concerning regional operation in 87 inland municipalities in the states of Goias, Mato Grosso do Sul, Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais was purchased by Algar, with a R$ 29.567 million ($12.129 million) bid. No bids were placed for batches 6, covering the inner state of Parana, and four, for nationwide coverage.

According to information from Anatel published by Brazil's official news agency Ag?ncia Brasil, the 4G internet service will operate in the 700 MHz spectrum, allowing access to fourth-generation mobile telephony and broadband internet in rural areas. The range is deemed ideal for long-distance coverage.

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