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67% of UK tourists fear 'robot' security

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According to the Future of Travel survey commissioned by Travelzoo, 51% of UK tourists predict customer-facing security checks at airports and hotels will soon be in the hands of technology.

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However, for two thirds (67%), the idea of technology replacing humans in roles that are related to safety and security is frightening.

These are the most important findings of the second wave of the Travelzoo Future of Travel survey, which will be presented this morning by Travelzoo's President of Europe, Richard Singer, at the World Travel Market (WTM) conference in London.

With recent global events making safety and security the top priority for travellers, 45% of Britons who participated in the survey say they are expecting technology to replace humans in many security roles within a few years.

35% believe that doing so would dramatically improve safety and security in travel—versus 26% who think security would not be improved if technology fully replaces humans.

The majority of UK tourists (77%) who participated in the survey believe machines learn processes faster, have better memories than humans (76%) and are less likely to make mistakes (73%).

For seven out of 12 key skillsets needed for roles in travel and tourism, technology scores higher than humans.

Where humans fare better is in the "softer skills" such as higher emotional intelligence levels (92%), understanding facial expressions (84%) and expressing feelings (93%).

Respondents also feel that overall humans provide better security against terrorism than technology such as robots and artificial intelligence. â–