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69,000 Vietnamese sent to work abroad in 7 months

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Vietnam in the first seven months of this year sent roughly 69,000 local people to work abroad, realizing 66 percent of its annualized plan, the Department of Overseas Labor said.

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Vietnam's three biggest labor export markets in the seven-month period included China's Taiwan which received nearly 33,900 Vietnamese guest workers, Japan - over 27,700 and South Korea - roughly 3,200.

In the coming time, more Vietnamese people will be sent to traditional or new labor export markets, including Thailand, Australia, Germany and Japan, said the department under the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs.

Vietnam plans to send 105,000 people to work abroad this year, down from 126,300 last year.

Over 500,000 Vietnamese people are working abroad as guest workers, annually remitting home $1.7 to 2 billions, according to the ministry. Most of them are unskilled workers or have undergone only short-term training.

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