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77% of companies feel Brexit will not impact on staffing

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ISME, the Irish Small and Medium Enterprises Association publisheds the results of its recent Brexit survey.

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The survey posed six questions focusing on Staffing, Turnover, Profitability, Imports, Exports and Relocation post-Brexit. The main findingssuggest that Brexit will not impact most ISME members.

However, the Association issues its survey findings with a health warning: they may not represent the broader sectoral impact of Brexit on the SME sector.

ISME membership is overrepresented in the services sector, by comparison with the CSO breakdown of the 238,000 enterprises in the Irish economy. Commenting on the survey findings ISME CEO Neil McDonnell said "Today’s results come with a caveat. Around two thirds of ISME members are based in services industries, compared to 54% of total enterprises (according to the CSO).

"We believe that the Services, Financial and Insurance sectors on aggregate will have a lower level of direct exposure to Brexit-related impacts than will the Industrial, Construction and Distribution sectors.

"This does not negate the Brexit-related uncertainties and challenges SMEs face across the country, particularly those in border counties. Services businesses in border counties may be more badly affected by Brexit than other businesses.

"These results do not give the complete picture of Brexit on the SME sector. The real scale of impacts, direct and indirect, will only truly be known when we see the shape of the agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom."