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81,7% of U.S. consumers will not shop on Thanksgiving

Will Thanksgiving and Black Friday be jump of joy holidays for retailers? Well, judging by the new survey, there is no reason to believe so.

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A National Retail Federation survey of 6,600 shoppers conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics showed that while 61% of consumers said they will or may shop between Thanksgiving and Sunday, only 18.3% of that number said they will shop on Thanksgiving itself, down from 23.5% in 2013.

Those who said they want to shop over the four-day weekend, the percentage that said they'll buy on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving and traditionally the biggest sales day of the year, declined to 68.2% from 69.1%, the NRF survey showed.

Extrapolating those numbers to the entire nation gives 140.1 million shoppers who will or may shop that weekend, down from 140.3 million last year. The percentage of shoppers who said they'll definitely shop declined to 29.5% from 30.6%.

A bright spot is the 18-24 year-old category. About 80% of them said they plan to shop that weekend, the highest of any age group. This number is lower than a year ago.