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8.7 million Brits wish they could work flexibly

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An increased amount of flexibility compared to regular workers is one of the many advantages of being a limited company contractor and according to a new report, it's something that a large proportion of UK employees want to be able to experience as part of their job.

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Figures from Timewise, which have drawn on data from the Office for National Statistics, show 8.7 million employees in Britain would like to have the option of flexibility within their job, which equates to around two in five people across the country's entire working population.

In addition, managers from 500 UK companies were interviewed to find out their opinions on the matter, with 91 percent stating they are open to discussing flexible working options with their staff.

The majority (57 percent) found that these discussions tended to happen during the recruitment stage, but 75 percent said they have never received any training on how to deal with these enquiries.

Many bosses believed flexible workers were highly-skilled and often had substantial experience in their field, suggesting they could help with the talent shortage that some industries in the country are currently facing. This is a theory supported by seven out of ten managers, who viewed them as a seriously underused group of people.

Despite this, 69 percent said they thought these workers were less ambitious than other members of staff.

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