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90% of Kuwait employees’ office time wasted, says report

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Up to 90 percent of the time of senior officials at ministries and public agencies in Kuwait is wasted on tasks that can be easily delegated to junior employees.

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“We have assessed how senior officials spend their eight hours daily in office and we have concluded that 90 percent of their time is spent signing papers, talking with people whom they do not have to see and participating in meetings that have no relevance to their work,” said Fahad Al Rashed, Chairman of the Kuwaiti National Committee on Competitiveness.

The evaluation was carried out during a workshop that brought together senior officials from government ministries and agencies, Kuwaiti daily Al Rai reported on Monday, Gulf News reports.

“The findings explain the numerous problems linked to the performance of public agencies, especially since the time of the senior officials is wasted on matters that are not within the core of their mission activities,” he said. “This in turn reflects on the employees and consequently on Kuwait’s economic indicators relating to competitiveness.”

The real focus of senior officials should be on guidance, motivation and monitoring in order to achieve the optimal performance, and not on taking part in operational matters that keep them from exercising the tasks required from them, he added.

“Overseeing planning and follow-up to ensure the development of services provided to the public, and raising the efficiency of work in government agencies should top the list of priorities and tasks for senior officials.

They should opt for a truly professional management that simplifies procedures, reduces bureaucracy style, and promotes development and innovation.

This is not at all a difficult equation, but rather good management during the office hours that frees senior officials from the routine operational work that takes up their time,” Al Rashed said.

According to 2015 figures released by the Central Statistical Bureau, 363,016 people are employed in the public sector.

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