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94 percent of employees in Taiwan considering job change

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About 94 percent of employees in Taiwan are considering searching for a new job, indicating rigid new work rules as a major reason, a survey released by Taiwan's 1111 Job Bank showed.

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Among those who intended to change jobs within three months, 37 percent said their reason for wanting to change jobs was the result of new work rules introduced in December, according to the survey.

A total of 20.1 percent of interviewees said their salary had fallen and welfare worsened due to the new rules, according to the poll.

Some of those dissatisfied with the new work rules said they were concerned about their prospects since the new regulations caused higher operation costs, while others were unhappy that their responsibilities or work schedules had changed due to the new rules.

Under the new regulations, the maximum number of work hours is 40 hours per week, with one mandatory day off and one flexible rest day. Employers are required to pay overtime for work carried out on the flexible day off.

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