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AAG submarine cable breaks, internet in Vietnam hit

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According to the two largest Internet service providers in Vietnam - Viettel and VNPT - the AAG cable was broken at 5.39pm on August 2.

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The location is about 90 km from the landing station off South Lantau, Hong Kong.

According to some sources, all the information from the CBVTU station via Hong Kong was lost. The repair schedule is being updated from the AAG cable operator.

Dinh Nhu Khoa, Director of Southern IDC VNPt, confirmed the troubleshooting will take longer than the previous incidents due to the effects of Nida storm, which is hindering the cable repair vessel from approaching the broken cable easily.

Typhoon Nida on August 2 hit Hong Kong, forcing the city to temporarily shut down as heavy rain and strong winds battered the city.

According to the cable operator, the incident occurred at the AAG - S11 branch (Hongkong - BU4). They are determining the cause of the incident.

Earlier in June, the 20,000km-long AAG cable line broke down for six days, severely affecting Internet connectivity in Vietnam.

More than 60 percent of global Internet connectivity in Viet Nam goes through the AAG, which is used by the largest communications groups such as FPT Telecom, VNPT and Viettel.

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