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After U.S. hurricanes cars with hidden water damage may be put on sale in Estonia

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The association of Estonian car dealers and service companies AMTEL has issued a warning that in relation to the recent hurricanes in the United States, cars with hidden water damage may be put on sale on the Estonian market, informs LETA/BNS.

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The hurricanes Harvey and Irma caused extensive damage in the United States, according to current estimations also to approximately a million passenger vehicles.

Similarly to the hurricane Sandy which caused damage in the United States in 2013 and the floods which took place in Europe last year, the arrival of sunken and water damaged cars on the used cars market is on the agenda also in Estonia, AMTEL said.

The association said that buyers must be especially cautious when it comes to cars on sale for a much lower price than other cars with a similar age.

A sunken car may look undamaged after being dried, but water damage pertains most to the vehicle's electrical system, which may start corroding - especially when it comes to salt water damage. In addition, corrosion may manifest at a later date.

AMTEL estimated that after Harvey, there are approximately 500,000 cars with water damage on sale at global auctions.

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