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Air traffic strike in Spain to start Saturday

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The USCA air traffic controllers union has confirmed that a 12 hour strike will take place after agreement could not be reached with Enaire.

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Enaire controls an airspace of 2,190,000 square kilometres, consisting of the Iberian Peninsula except Portugal, the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, and part of the North Atlantic, the Western Mediterranean and Western Sahara.

The first strike will last from 6am - 6pm on Saturday September 26 with a second scheduled for Saturday October 3.

The union confirmed the action in an official tweet. The row with Enaire follows sanctions imposed on controllers in Barcelona in 2010 after a protest left almost 200,000 passengers stranded.

The USCA states that despite accusations that 175 controllers abandoned their posts in the 2010 incident, 20 out of 22 labour tribunals ruled that they did not disobey their employers and did not in fact leave their posts.

Spain’s Public Works ministry has said that the minimum service of 80 percent of staff will be in place on Saturday.

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