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Airspace congestion piles up huge delays in Gulf region

Christian Fernsby |
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) firmly believes the airline industry is suffering on account of the airspace congestion in the GCC, which is piling up delays in the region.

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Speaking to Gulf Times at the IATA headquarters in Geneva, its director general and CEO Alexandre de Junaic said the crisis could be solved either by investing in a new system or improving the existing air traffic management (ATM) in the Gulf Co-operation Council region.

“The situation (GCC airspace congestion) is pretty bad. Much better co-operation among the stakeholders is required to effectively address the issue.

“Lack of co-operation contributes to the situation. It is even worse due to the peculiar geography of the region.

“Then you have the political crisis in the region including the blockade on Qatar,” de Juniac pointed out.

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