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Albanian castles becoming important tourism landmark

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Apart from the beautiful Riviera and worth-exploring mountains, old castles and monuments are becoming Albania's newest tourism attraction for foreign visitors.

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The number of visitors touring castles in Albania has increased by 40 percent in 2016 compared to 2015, Albanian Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) said Friday in its report "Albania in figures."

Meantime, statistics showed that the number of visitors going to archaeological parks, museums and castles increased by 10 percent, 17 percent and 40 percent respectively, where the highest number of visitors has been in castles and monuments.

There are 230,188 visitors who toured archaeological parks in 2016 compared to 209,547 visitors in 2015, report noted.

Number of museums' visitors amounted to 154,965 visitors in 2016 from 131,808 visitors in 2015 whereas the numbers of visitors to castles and other monuments was 164,544 visitors in 2016 from 119,389 people visiting such objects in 2015.

Official statistics also showed that Berati Castle, located in one of the three UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Albania, remains one of the most visited tourist attractions in the country.

The number of visitors, especially foreign tourists, keeps increasing, as it is confirmed by the Regional Cultural Directorate of Berat.

Berat castle is followed by that of Tepelene in the south of Albania which also is an important tourist destination.

There are over 20 castles across the country and dozens of monuments.

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