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All phone calls inside Chile become local

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Chile has become a single territory for telecommunications and long distance calls beginning Saturday. This means a 50% reduction on normal phone calls.

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According to the Deputy minister Pedro Huichalat, the calling system code will be modified. For calls in the same region, the area code must be dialed first, and if ringing another region, the area code of the city or town. The zero no longer is necessary for calls to cellular or mobile phones. Under the new system the area code for Santiago is 2, Punta Arenas 61, Temuco 45, and Puerto Montt 65.

"It's a fact, as of Saturday all fixed line or land telephones will operate as localocals, no matter the region, origin or destination," announced Andres Gomez Lobo, Chilean minister of Transport and Telecommunications.

This means that the value of local phone calls will drop from 55 Chilean pesos to 27 Pesos, a 50% reduction.

"We're advancing in our project of bringing together all Chileans. It's a strong connectivity step which benefits families, workers and companies from all the country, making access to communications through land lines much easier."

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