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Almost one fourth of foreign workers in Austria feels overqualified

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Almost one fourth (23.5%) of foreign-born employed felt overqualified for their current job, according to a study on the labour market situation of migrants in Austria by Statistics Austria.

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This subjective assessment applied less strongly to native-born employed (8.8%). Referring to all employed persons in 2014, 11.4% (460 400) felt overqualified for their current job, women (13.8%) to a higher extent than men (9.3%).

The degree of over-qualification was even higher for female migrants (28.0%) than for males (19.3%).

Especially migrants from EU member states since 2004 stated to have higher skills than necessary for their current activities (30.2%; women: 38.3%), followed by persons of European non-EU countries (except former Yugoslavia and Turkey) and countries outside Europe (27.9%).

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