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American airline companies in new attack on foreign firms

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Emirates announced that it will be adding a new route which would involve a stop in Athens, Greece on its flight between Dubai and a final destination of New Jersey.

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The new daily flight of Dubai-Athens-Newark will start March 12, 2017. This type of flight is known as a "fifth freedom," a flight which allows the carrier to have stops in foreign countries on flights that originate or have a final destination of its home country.

The announcement has angered the U.S. lobby group, Partnership for Open & Fair Skies, that claims the Emirates is "flagrantly violating" their U.S. aviation agreement and that they will take up the matter with the new Trump administration in interest of protecting American jobs, according to

The question remains if the new Dubai-Athens-Newark flight from Emirates is one that the U.S. lobby group can argue against.

The airlines must prove that the flight puts American jobs at risk, and considering that U.S. airlines do not even offer year-round access to flights to Greece.

Many American carriers have made claims that the major Gulf carriers of Emirates, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways have all been involved with unfair competition in allegedly receiving state subsidies totaling over $50 billion.

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