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Angola has one billion karats in diamond reserves

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Angola has diamond reserves for one billion karats, according to a geological research carried out over the last five years with Russian support.

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From a total of 950 million karats found in Kimberlites, detailed Victor Ustinov, Joint Director of Alrosa, the enterprise responsible for scientific studies in the field of geological exploration, it is estimated that reserves could go up to 1.5 billion karats if the research is continued, assured the expert.

The study carried out by Angolan and Russian geologists allowed to divide thwe national territory in four parts, desribed as areas of high potential, potential, without potential and of moving bands.

In 2016, nine million karats of diamonds were extracted, of which seven million belong to the Mining Society of Catoca, in thwe province of South Lunda.

Investigations on the diamond potential of Angola are related with the National Geological Plan, which since 2014 carries out studies through satellite and aviation observations an assessment of all the mining reserves of the country.

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