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Argentina buys five modernized 'symbolic' Super Etendard fighter-jets from France

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Argentina has bought five modernized Super Etendard fighter jets from the French National Navy for 12.6 million Euros ($15.1 million).

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The agreement of the operation between both countries is established as one of the forms of cooperation, says Official Gazette.

Argentina, which has an obsolete military fleet, is the organizer of important international events during this year.

“The agreement of the operation between both countries established as one of the forms of cooperation that the parties will adopt, the acquisition of equipment, systems or of defense technology and logistic support, of its maintenance and of its corresponding training”, said the Official Gazette.

The summit of the Group of 20 industrialized and developing countries (G-20) is held this year in Argentina and Buenos Aires will host, in December, the ministerial conference of the World Trade Organization.

In November 2017, the French ambassador, Pierre Henri Guignard, had indicated in an interview that “it is a bit symbolic, since they are not new devices, but they will allow Argentina to continue using Super Etendard and, in particular before the G-20, to be able to have some devices that are operational.”

Argentina used Super Étendard jet fighter bombers in 1982 during the war of the Falkland Islands against the United Kingdom.

Although the Argentine Air Force lost most of its planes during the conflict, Argentine pilots gained praise for their expertise and courage.

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