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Australian vegetable industry grows to $3.8 billion

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The gross value of Australia's vegetable industry production has jumped $500 million in just 12 months according to new data released today from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

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The data shows that in 2012-13, Australia's vegetable industry generated around $3.8 billion for the Australian economy and played a critically important role in contributing to both regional and state economies.

Potatoes continued to be Australia's largest contributor to the economy providing $690 million of value in 2012-13. Other crops doing the heavy lifting were tomatoes ($439 million), mushrooms ($285 million), melons ($234 million), onions ($200 million) and carrots ($194 million).

The volume of vegetables produced also increased compared to the previous year, according to the ABS data. Vegetables that increased in production included lettuce (43 percent), melons (36 percent) and tomatoes (23 percent).

However, certain commodities also experienced falls in production, such as carrots (15 percent), onions (13 percent) and capsicums (8 percent).

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