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Australian wine exports declined

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The average value of wine exports continued to rise, while the total Australian wine exports declined in the 12 months ended March 2014, according to the latest Wine Export Approval Report March 2014 by Wine Australia.

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The average value of exports increased by 1% to A$2.59 per litre, due mainly to a 6% increase in the average value of bottled wine to A$4.68 per litre.

While total Australian wine exports declined by 6% to 677 million litres valued at A$1.75 billion, there are signs that this downward trend in volumes is turning around - volumes have increased on a rolling MAT (Moving Annual Total) basis since the start of 2014.

Wine Australia's Chief Executive, Andreas Clark said that while volume was declining at the lower end, increases in volume and value at the higher end showed the industry's efforts to create interest in Australian wines at the higher end of the market were achieving cut-through.

"While the decline in the volume of Australian wine exports to many of our major markets is a concern, it is positive to see that the average value of Australian wine exports has increased in many of our key markets.

"And while overall volumes declined, there were more exporters who recorded a volume increase (769) compared to those that recorded a decline (580). “There are some positive developments that show the industry's combined efforts to create greater awareness of the quality, diversity and regionality of Australian wine were starting to produce some tangible results.

"Bottled exports above A$5 per litre increased by 1% in volume to 66 million litres valued at A$644 million, with the average value of exports in this segment rising to a record A$9.57 per litre.

"In the US the average value of Australian exports increased by 15%. US exports at above A$7.50 per litre segment increased by 6% to 4 million litres and the average value in this segment also grew by 6% to a record A$13.32 per litre. In the UK, export volumes declined in line with the overall decline in UK wine consumption. However, the average value of bottled and bulk exports to the UK increased.

"Exports to China declined 12% to 37 million litres valued at A$217 million. The austerity measures on Government bodies have continued to impact on the mechanics of the imported wine sector.

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