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Australians are moving away from the big weekly shopping

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Sunday is fast becoming the new Saturday for trips to the supermarket, and an increasing number of Australians are visiting the supermarket almost every day of the week, according to the new research from Woolworths.

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Eighteen percent of Australians now make Sunday their primary shopping day, up 3 percent on 2012, making Sunday the fastest growing shopping day of the week. Saturday is still the most popular day of the week (20 percent), but its popularity is decreasing: last year 22 percent preferred to shop on Saturday.

Sundays are the most popular shopping day for Gen Y. Gen X prefer to do their main shop on either day of the weekend, and tend to avoid doing big shops Monday through Friday. The big weekly shop is becoming a thing of the past. On average, Australians spend just 34 percent of their weekly food budget on their main shopping day. Some people visit their local supermarket every day of the week.

"For many busy households, it is impossible to plan meals seven days in advance the way our grandmothers did: our customers are doing smaller, more frequent shops. Australians want convenient and flexible meal solutions and will often drop into the supermarket on the way to or from work, school or gym," said Woolworths.